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Esme was born and raised on a small organic blueberry farm here in Bayfield. Growing up just outside of town and surrounded by all of the natural beauty our peninsula has to offer, Esme developed a deep appreciation and love for the area and its inhabitants. After heading off to college Esme came home to Bayfield and now has her own farm where she and her family raise lamb, chicken and other foods for locals to enjoy. Esme got into Real Estate in 2015 after realizing her love of restoring older farms - like the one where she currently resides. She respected the reputation that Apostle Islands Realty has and was eager to become a part of the team. She has a special interest in helping people like her; those who love our area and especially those who might want to start a small farm of their own.

As someone who grew up in the Bayfield community, and who lives on a small farm Esme wants to be able to help others achieve their goal of owning a home. She has a special interest in seeing Buyers find a piece of property that they’re able to use agriculturally. Bayfield's history is built on family owned farms and businesses and if a home Buyer is interested in moving to the area with an interest in those areas, she wants to see it become a reality. 

“As the owners of Turner Road Farm, we operate on five acres. We grow chicken, turkey, lamb and pork. All seasonally, as our climate will allow. We have rehabilitated a farm house that most people would have torn down, restructured a barn that was in major disrepair, and added fruit trees, groomed the land, and replenished the soil by farming in a regenerative manor. By putting in lots of hard work, we saved a lot of money and did most things ourselves. Outside of helping others to buy a first, or second home, I love to educate people on the importance of regenerative farming and being involved in the community.” 

Esme especially enjoys helping people learn about the ways they can become home owners by assisting them with pre-approval information and helping to educate them on not only the buying process, but with all of the decisions that come with purchasing property.

“The Bayfield area is so special, and people recognize that and want to become a part of it, but are unsure where to begin. They can become intimidated by the process.  I love helping them see the possibilities that exist and coming up with creative solutions. I especially love seeing my buyer’s plant apple trees, its part of Bayfield’s history.”

Esme Martinson 's Listings
Beds: 3
Baths: 3
Sq. Ft.: 1,890
Beds: 2
Baths: 0
Sq. Ft.: 1,378
Lot Acres: 42.63
Lot Acres: 60
Lot Acres: 40
Lot Acres: 6.8
Lot Acres: 1.52
Lot Acres: 0.33
Lot Acres: 8.56
Lot Acres: 6.62
Lot Acres: 1.5
$650,000 (ACTIVE W/CONT (WI))
Lot Acres: 102.83

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