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“How did I get here”?

 I wonder if it was my Papa Pete from above leading me to this gorgeous territory. Or my husband Bruce & I trying to reinvent our fall Colorado trip to Telluride and beyond. Or us scrambling away from the North Shore’s craziness when we drove up to see the leaves change color in 1999 and wandered into Apostle Islands Reality in Bayfield…but in reality it was probably all three and more.

 That weekend back in 1999, we made a full price offer on a vacant Lake Superior parcel in Cornucopia, even though we had never been to the area, we just simply felt a “pull”.

 At closing, we learned that the parcel faced due West (not working in real estate yet) which meant we were poised to encounter unbelievable sunsets and the spectacular colors that remain afterwards…Lucky Us!

We were also so intimidated at closing when looking at a map and wondering how the heck do you pronounce “Chequamegon” that it was the first word I had my son learn how to spell upon returning home to the Twin Cities.

 We built a log home in 2001 and in 2002, I started my real estate career with Apostle Islands Realty in Bayfield.  I felt it was a perfect avenue to tie in my sales skills with my love of helping people and my need to be on the move.

 My son Hunter was hesitant to leave his buddies and teammates in Hopkins/Minnetonka area but at the end of the first day of class in Washburn (5th grade), he came running down the sidewalk with a huge smile saying “Mom, I love it here, the kids are SO nice!” Hence he graduated as a Castle Guard in 2011 and is so appreciative to the wonderful, caring, intelligent Washburn teachers he had along the way and a class that treated each other essentially as family.

 Papa Pete and my father instilled the notion that “hard work pays off” being owners/laborers of a tire shop and I took that to heart as a Realtor, becoming a top producer only a few years after starting my Real Estate career.

 My husband Bruce served 4 years in the Navy (HI) and was a St. Paul Police Officer for 27 years. He actually “commuted” weekly from St. Paul to/from Corny for 7 years. Bruce is now employed by Northern Clearing Inc. as a Field Safety Rep/Spr.

 I believe my success is based upon treating people as you would want to be treated and having the ability to place one another in each other’s “shoe’s”. It really seems to ease tensions when seller and buyer understand where each “side” is coming from per se.

 I am very genuine, direct, honest and overly conscientious…which is to the good of us all [:

 The repeat business and referrals over 17 years absolutely warms my heart and I hope that keeps coming my way.

I especially look forward to helping returning Castle Guards find their dream home once they have the ability to return to the lake that they grew to love.

 Please feel free to visit and read my 60 + reviews to get a better feel as to how I help buyers and sellers.

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