No Mow May

All We Are Saying Is… Give BEE’s A Chance!

No Mow May

Mow less, create abundance, welcome pollinators.

The Apostle Islands lakeshore is abundant with natural resources, habitat and history.

Northern Wisconsin is ripe with water, land, and forest and is one of the most beautiful and inspirational places on Earth. We celebrate and honor the natural world around us and the awe of living on and near the most superior lake in the world.

We have much to learn from our Anishinaabe ancestors who first inhabited this area and how they cared for the land. The Ojibwe translation for the word bumblebee = gichi-aamoo+g.


BEE a Supporter!

When we heard about No Mow May we immediately wanted to get on board.

We chatted with friends, neighbors and community members and found that so many in our area agree with us and wanted a yard sign right away.

YARD SIGNS are here and free at the Apostle Islands Realty office in Bayfield on the corner of Rittenhouse Ave. and 1st Street – 10 N. 1st St.

Displaying a simple sign designating your yard as pollinator habitat can be the difference between it being seen as a neglected area to people viewing it as an important part of a thriving landscape.

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