Renovations to the Brownstone Trail Make It Safer for Everyone!

The section of the Brownstone Trail south of Blue Wing Bay Road is easier travel now, thanks to a Bayfield County Health Department grant to the Town of Bayfield. We also owe a debt of gratitude to Anthony Jennings, Kathleen Russell, Tim and Cari Logemann, Heidi Zimmer of Wild Rice Retreat, and Landmark Conservancy for their donations. Bayfield Area Trails volunteers were able to cross a number of items off the To Do list due to great participation over seven days and Will Krift’s fantastic leadership. Special kudos to Rex Dollinger (and Ollie) for the use of his trailer, tools, and extra support.

The main goal of the recent work was to make a steep unstable section of the trail more user friendly for walkers of all skill levels, as well as for “wheeled” users including bikes and strollers. Bayfield Area Trails Committee Chair Kate Kitchell explains the other purpose; “We hope this will keep trail users on the proper trail right-of-way, rather than crossing private property along the old railroad grade.” New signs will be installed by Landmark Conservancy to provide clear direction for trail users.

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